ICON Agency
Branding and a Website for an Independent eSports Talent Agency

ICON Agency

We created a standout website for ICON Agency designed to foster collaboration between brands and esports superstars.

ICON is a premiere digital Talent Agency focused on representing world-ranked professional e-sports athletes and top-tier streaming talent to build their careers, create opportunities, and connect them with branded partnerships.

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Branding Website
Brand Guidelines Brand identity Key Visuals Web Design Web Development

The heart of the operation

We understand and breathe the importance of branding, and while games are the medium, it’s the players that draw in the crowds. Taking this approach a step further, we’ve focused on bringing the players to the forefront, making sure that you’ll see a familiar face seconds after loading the website.

This was of course no easy task; the transition had to be fluid and organic, while remaining crisp and focused. We’ve achieved this by the clever manipulation of the letter “O”. Go have a look ?

Sports, unconventional

To truly have a unique result, we’ve combined our embarrassingly comprehensive knowledge of video games with sleepless nights of researching sports (lying on the sofa takes less effort than cardio, c’mon), and found the perfect balance between the two. This is reflected in our design, with the result feeling right at home on a PC, smartphone, or huge sports-arena screens.

Avengers, time to play for a living

ICON’s icons require no introduction, but we’ve taken care of it, anyway.

Each eThlete is unique, whether it’s their personality or peripherals. We’ve designed the individual player page distinctive enough to highlight each player’s trademark quirk and trait, while retaining a constant format, so the roster remains convenient and pleasant to navigate.

ICON, represent!

eThletes are focused on content creation, but their arsenal is what makes it look so effortless.

ICON’s sponsorships are out of this world, and their representation on the website had to be out of this solar system. The sponsors already had their established branding, and we’ve truly done it justice by seamlessly integrating their existing design and language to play nice with our own. The results are captivating and speak for themselves. They will convince you like they’ve convinced us, too. The Logitech/Herman Miller chair is something else, trust us on this one.

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