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Team Solomid, a premier name in the world of cyber-sports, needs no introduction. We had the honor of revamping their online presence, tasked with elevating the brand style to mirror the diverse activities, directions, and ventures that TSM is involved in.

TSM (Team SoloMid) is a professional esports organization, based in Los Angeles (CA). They compete in various esports disciplines on the highest level and won many titles in the World competitions. Our goal was to create a website where fans, partners and potential sportsmen could easily find all information about TSM.

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Branding Website
Development Interaction Design Web Design Web Development
GSAP WordPress

Professional in playing

Our challenge was to make the design balanced, because it had to felt “playful” and “corporate” enough to satisfy all audience types. Also TSM design team asked us to maintain the general style they created, but to improve it and make it work better.

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Solving gaming with design

We solved this problem making a clear and minimalistic layout with simple forms, but also added some playful elements like patterns, icons and interactive elements.

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White for bright future

TSM has several development directions. And one of them is the opening and cultivation of new talents. The directions are displayed on the website and to distinguish between existing teams and future stars we have used a background color change approach. The white color in this part of the website symbolizes the beginning of the path, the rise of new stars. The website visitor immediately understands that these sections of the website are distinguished by their topic.

Showcasing superiority of TSM

We have created the design that fully represents the philosophy and attitude of TSM as one of the World’s strongest and biggest e-sport teams.

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