TSM x Logitech
Play like a TSM Pro with the Logitech G Pro series

TSM x Logitech

A marvelous collaboration between Logitech and Team Solomid brought to life a series of pro gaming gadgets, which we had an honour to present to the public by designing a landing page for the set.

Collabs, we all love ’em, right? There’s nothing quite like having two artists you love writing a song together, or two cinema titans clashing.

We’ll get back to the topic at hand before we’ve gone so off track that an MCU marathon will push this case study’s deadline back by a month:

Logitech is a huge name, and not just in the field of gaming, and TSM is swiftly becoming a household name.

The crossover of these two huge players (wink wink) in the gaming and eSports industry is one that didn’t fly under the radar of anyone who calls themselves a “gamer”.

They’ve had everything but design, and we were glad to bridge that gap.

Our design reflects all things exciting about gaming and eSports: competition, adrenaline, fun, and sports.

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The Challenge

A word that keeps being thrown around more and more with each passing day: saturation.

Industry and manufacturing advances at breakneck speeds, and getting products to the production line is easier (and cheaper) than ever. The same thing applies to information.

Attention spans are extremely short in the Tik Tok age, and we knew that if we’re not delivering crucial, juicy information as soon as the landing page has loaded – eyes start to wander.

But wait, there’s more! We had to underline the benefits offered by Logitech without compromising on the playful yet sleek gaming vibe of TSM.

many screens-min

The Process

As strange as it might sound, separating the physical and the digital was the decision that stripped things down enough for us to piece them together into a design that’s responsive, interactive, and structured.

Treating Logitech and TSM separately allowed us to properly highlight the benefits of each and feel like it speaks to the visitor


The Result

First off – the project was developed completely in-house. Báchoo’s involvement was essentially a creative/graphic module–like what a GPU does 😉

We presented the client with four layouts in different resolutions with all the accompanying guides, assets, and kits.

What pleasantly surprised us is the client’s request to provide PSD files in addition to the Figma docs. Certainly a first for us!

Anyway, enough reading, go check out the website!

final screen-min

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