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Tiras presented us with the challenge of updating their website to provide comprehensive (and notably nerdy) information about their products.

Our task was to offer users tools for easily navigating through product lines and complex solutions, enabling them to compare options and locate nearby sellers. Additionally, we aimed to establish a distinct and modern brand identity that reflects Tiras’ unwavering commitment to the highest quality and cutting-edge technology.

Tiras is the company, which has been creating security since 1991. They develop a wide range of security systems for businesses and private clients. The idea was to present the company’s spirit and values through the website, so customers could sense the finest quality, reliability and tech perfection of Tiras products just from their screens.

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3d Art Development Interaction Design Web Design Web Development
GSAP WordPress

Simplicity & accessibility

The challenge was to maintain the website simple and accessible for customers to make the products exploring flow easy and effective, but in the same time to make Tiras look bold and stand out among their competitors.

Asset (1)
Asset (2)

Projecting safety & usability with design

Our vision was to keep balance between good and effective user experience and bold good looking visual design.

Asset (3)
Asset (4)

Shielding nature of Tiras logo

We have built our design around the Tiras logo, which is a shield, that stands for security and safety. All stylistic elements of the website, even the typography, carry that slanted aesthetics of the logo, that makes Tiras design so recognisable and standing out.

PNG to

Rock solid

Among all the great advantages of Tiras brand, the most we appreciate a rock solid quality of their products. And what can be a better way to show this in digital, than a big Tiras logo carved from a piece of rock? Yes, we couldn’t resist.

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