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Jackson Holcomb LLP is a Seattle law firm specializing in government contract law, with all its unique complexities. Their clients are prime contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, businesses large and small, in a wide variety of industries, with offices and projects located throughout the United States and around the world.

Project type
Branding Website
Brand identity Front-end Development Interaction Design Interface Design UX Design
Awwwards Honorable Mention CSS Design Award Best UI CSS Design Award Best UX CSS Design Award Innovation

The Challenge

Crafting the website and logo for Jackson Holcomb presented a multifaceted challenge that required a careful balance of professionalism, creativity, and adherence to the firm’s distinctive values. The objective was to encapsulate the essence of Jackson Holcomb’s core values in visual elements, translating legal excellence into an engaging online presence. The challenge lay in harmonizing the duality of the firm’s identity – embodying both the expected standards of a full-service national firm and the unique, bold creativity of a boutique practice.


Our design team approached this challenge by infusing the visual elements with Jackson Holcomb’s passion for legal professionalism and creativity. The clean and corporate aesthetic was carefully balanced with bold and unique features, creating a design that resonates with both the traditional expectations of the legal field and the forward-thinking nature of the firm. The challenge was met by seamlessly integrating the diverse elements, resulting in a website and logo that not only represent Jackson Holcomb’s values but also serve as a powerful tool for conveying their unique value proposition to clients and peers alike.

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