The only truly passwordless solution.


A classic website for an authentication and security solution. While it’s classic in essence, we wouldn’t be true to ourselves if we hadn’t complemented the simple and clean design with elegant, lightweight animated visualizations of the product’s idea. A straightforward and easy-to-understand website.

We’ve got a mind-blowing idea for you. Brace yourself because the most popular way of logging into websites using a boring old username and password is about to be thrown out the window! Yep, it’s as outdated as a VHS tape in a streaming world. But fear not because IAMPASS has come up with a game-changing solution. Read on!

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Animation Interaction Design Web Design Web Development
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The challenge

Now, here’s the puzzle to solve: this revolutionary technology is like a stealthy ninja, silently operating in the shadows. There’s no flashy app or glitzy screen to showcase to the users. It’s like a hidden treasure waiting to be unearthed! So, how do we decode this mind-bending process and breathe life into it without any tangible gimmicks? Well, that’s the enigma we had to unravel during the development of the IAMPASS website.

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Our Vision

Picture this: an animated adventure that takes you on a wild ride, revealing the mysteries of authentication and information processing step by step. It’s like being let in on a secret club that others can only dream of. We’ve got a vibrant color palette and fonts that scream “tech-savvy” and “innovation.”

And the illustrations? They’re like a futuristic dreamscape with their dark backgrounds, gradient wonders, and rounded shapes. Buckle up because the future is calling, and it’s all thanks to this awe-inspiring technology.


The Twist

Hold onto your seats because we’ve got an extra special surprise in store! We didn’t settle for just eye-catching visuals. Oh no, we cranked up the fun factor to eleven! Brace yourself for an interactive extravaganza that will make you go “ooh” and “ahh” with delight. These delightful surprises scattered across different pages will have you hooked, like a kid in a candy shop craving for more. It’s like a thrilling adventure, where each click leaves you eagerly wondering what’s waiting on the next page.


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