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Simplifying proposal creation: Unveiling Bachoo's proposal solution

In a landscape where winning more sales is everything, creative businesses pour their heart and soul into crafting unique b2b business proposals. Yet this often requires significant time and effort – time taken away from doing what you do best.

At Bachoo Studio, we experienced this tug-of-war firsthand. We were determined to find a way to create captivating, customized proposals without burning ourselves out. And we succeeded.

Bachoo’s Proposal Solution removes the drudgery from proposal creation, allowing you to showcase your services in stunning visuals tailored to each client’s needs. No more reinventing the wheel each time. The result? You spend less time drafting and more time closing deals.

By sharing our own story and the solution we created, we aim to help businesses present proposals that make an impression and win against the competition. Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive yet personalized solution that aligns with your specific requirements and removes the hassle of proposal creation.

This allows you to invest your energy where it matters most – growing your business.



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Bachoo’s Proposal Solution is a time-saving tool for creating visually compelling, customizable business to business proposals ideal for B2B businesses. It allows the integration of diverse media like videos, 3D models, and images into interactive web proposals. Key benefits are efficiency, visual appeal, customizability, competitive edge, and responsiveness. The tool reduces the time spent drafting proposals so you can focus on closing deals. It provides features like templates, analytics, and security measures. The result is beautiful, personalized proposals that make an impression and win contracts. Bachoo’s Proposal Solution revolutionizes and elevates the proposal creation process.

The importance of the tool for B2B businesses

This sophisticated tool is primarily geared towards B2B businesses, especially those where the average contract value is high. Industries such as advertising, design firms, video production companies, architecture agencies, and other creative and B2B businesses stand to benefit immensely from the b2b proposal customization provided by Bachoo’s Proposal Solution. A well-crafted proposal can be instrumental in helping such businesses outshine the competition.

Addressing the proposal creation problem

The common problem businesses encounter with high-value contracts is the time-consuming nature of custom proposal creation. Although templated proposals can be crafted quickly, they lack the personal touch and relevance, making them less effective in converting leads into contracts.

The role of Webflow in solution building

To address this issue, we turned to Webflow. As a powerful and highly customizable website builder, Webflow enables us to create unique proposal pages with various embedded content. This includes rich media, cost breakdown tables, project roadmaps, and even interactive 3D models, offering an interactive and immersive experience to the end user. Knowing how to write a business to business proposal that engages clients is key to success.

Key elements of a good proposal

A compelling and well-crafted proposal encompasses various elements from different media types and instruments, combining them to create a comprehensive and persuasive presentation. Here are the key components to include:

  1. Content variety: A good proposal incorporates diverse media types, such as tables, visuals, video proposals, and plain text, to effectively convey information and engage the audience.
  2. Executive summary: Begin with an executive summary that provides a concise overview of the proposal, highlighting the key points and value proposition.
  3. Solution vision: Clearly articulate the proposed solution’s vision, outlining how it addresses the customer’s needs or challenges.
  4. Valuable references: Enhance credibility by including valuable references, such as case studies and testimonials, that demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed solution.
  5. Work process and approach: Detail the step-by-step work process and approach, showcasing the methodology and strategies employed to achieve the desired outcomes.
  6. Key milestones: Outline the significant milestones and deliverables throughout the project, giving the customer a clear understanding of the timeline and progress.

To ensure the proposal meets the unique needs of each client, we offer a fully customizable solution. Our proposal solution allows for the inclusion of any content types and blocks, enabling clients to tailor the proposal precisely to their requirements.

In addition to the essential elements mentioned above, we understand that different businesses may have specific needs. For example:

  1. Architectural firms: We can integrate 3D models, showcase sketches, and display materials to provide a visually immersive experience for interior designers and architects. Architectural proposals will be tailored to showcase the designs and visions of the firm for the client’s consideration.
  2. B2B businesses: We can include references from reputable sources like Trustpilot to build trust. Additionally, we can incorporate case studies directly from the client’s website, showcasing successful projects and expertise.
  3. Video and advertisement agencies: Our solution allows for easy integration of videos and dynamic multimedia to create engaging and impactful advertising proposals. Presentations can showcase previous successful ad campaigns and creative ideas tailored to the client’s needs.

By offering a comprehensive and flexible Proposal Solution, we empower our clients to create compelling proposals that stand out and effectively communicate their unique value proposition.

Elevating the proposal experience with visual appeal

Our proposal solution offers a visually captivating experience that differentiates it from the competition. Combining stunning visuals with comprehensive detail, our solution delivers an exquisite experience that surpasses expectations.

With expandable sections and subpages dedicated to completed projects, our proposals provide a high-level overview while allowing clients to delve into the specifics. The visual attractiveness of our proposals not only grabs attention but also gives us a significant sales advantage, showcasing beautiful animated proposal videos and presentations and enabling faster creation.

In summary, our proposal solution blends visual appeal and comprehensive detail to elevate client engagements. Focusing on delivering an exceptional visual experience, it provides a strategic advantage that captivates clients and secures valuable business opportunities.

The customizability of the tool

One of the significant benefits of our Proposal Solution is the high level of customization. You can create each ad proposal as a separate webpage with editable content, meaning every design can be tailored to fit the client’s advertising needs. With the admin panel, you can also create multiple templates for each section and use them as required.

Advantages of the webpage format

Unlike PDF proposals, which only support basic content types and aren’t mobile-friendly, a webpage proposal is responsive and interactive. Bachoo’s Proposal Solution also includes integrated analytics, allowing you to understand when your customers visit the page, and providing crucial insights into customer behavior. This is especially useful for advertising proposals to track engagement.

Security measures

To ensure maximum security, all proposals created with our tool are password-protected and can only be accessed with a specific link.

Time efficiency

One of the standout benefits of using Bachoo’s Proposal Solution is time efficiency. With our instrument, we reduced our time effort to just 1-hour maximum when designing the proposal. This means businesses can send out proposals faster and more effectively.

User-friendliness and support

While the tool will require a learning period, it is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it feasible even for non-technical users. In addition, Bachoo Studio provides comprehensive support and training resources, ensuring a smooth transition to this innovative solution.

Implementation process

If your business struggles with the time-consuming process of creating visually compelling and customized proposals, Bachoo’s Proposal Solution could be the perfect solution. We begin by understanding your sales process and identifying the aspects of your proposals that are most important to your customers. For advertising agencies, we can tailor proposals to highlight the most compelling elements of potential ad campaigns.

The Takeaway: Outshine competitors with stunning visuals

In conclusion, Bachoo’s Proposal Solution revolutionizes the process of creating business proposals, offering a seamless and visually captivating experience. Our solution empowers businesses like architectural firms to leave a lasting impression on clients with stunning visualizations in their architectural proposals, comprehensive detail, and high customizability. It saves time, enhances efficiency, and provides a competitive edge by enabling faster proposal creation and showcasing unique value propositions. Experience the power of Bachoo’s Proposal Solution and elevate your proposal creation process to new heights.

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