Game of Colors. Most vocal brands in esports and their website design

Over the last ten years, Esports has been taking over the world by getting more and more supporters in a massive pool of games. Esports Organizations create the best teams by inviting the best players in various gaming disciplines, which drives even more followers and supporters across all social media platforms. The enormous competitive success and performance allow them to improve the organization even more, as most create a brand. Here is the critical moment where design comes in and makes the difference as the visual performance of top Esports brands’ websites becomes essential.

As the eSports industry continues to grow and become more mainstream, having a well-defined brand can set an organization apart from the competition and create a loyal following among fans.

In eSports, having a distinct brand is an indicator of an organization’s maturity and professionalism. It shows that the organization has invested time and resources into building a unique identity and establishing a clear message that resonates with its target audience. This can help to attract sponsors, investors, and top talent, as well as increase fan engagement and revenue. In addition to being an indicator of maturity, a distinct brand can also help an organization stand out in a crowded market. With so many eSports organizations vying for attention, having a clear and recognizable brand can make all the difference in terms of visibility and popularity. This can be achieved by esport website developers through a variety of design elements, such as logos, color schemes, typography, and overall website design.

Today, having a distinct brand is essential for any organization looking to succeed in eSports. It not only helps to establish credibility and professionalism but also sets an organization apart from the competition and creates a loyal fan base. By investing in branding and design, organizations can create a lasting impact that will help them thrive in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of eSports.

What are Esports brands?

Esports brands have capitalized on this trend by investing heavily in the industry, including esport website development costs sponsoring teams and events, and partnering with major players in the gaming world. Some of the biggest esports brands include names like Riot Games, which produces the popular game League of Legends, and Activision Blizzard, which produces the Call of Duty and Overwatch franchises.

Other esports brands focus on specific aspects of the industry, such as hardware and accessories for gaming or providing online platforms for players to connect and compete with each other. With the esports industry continuing to grow at a rapid pace, it’s likely that we’ll see even more esports brands emerge in the coming years as companies seek to tap into the enormous potential of this exciting and dynamic sector.

Designing of Esports brands websites

Designing a website for an esports brand requires careful consideration of the target audience and the unique characteristics of the esports industry.

  • The website must be visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. One of the key elements of an effective web development esport pages is a clean and intuitive navigation system.
  • Users should be able to easily find the information they are looking for, whether it’s the team’s schedule, player bios, or merchandise store.
  • In addition to navigation, the website should also be designed with the brand’s visual identity in mind.
  • This includes the use of the brand’s colors, logo, and typography, as well as high-quality images and graphics that reflect the dynamic and exciting world of esports.

Esports websites should also be optimized for social media integration, with easy-to-find links to the brand’s social media accounts and sharing buttons on content pages. This helps to build engagement and foster a sense of community among fans. The esport website development cost is also a critical factor when it comes to the final stages.

Finally, it’s important to ensure that the website is fast and reliable, with minimal downtime and quick page load times. This can be achieved through a combination of good hosting, efficient coding, and streamlined design.

Common features for designing Esports brands’ websites

Esports brands’ websites often share certain design features that are tailored to the needs and preferences of the esports community. When it comes to considering esport website development services and features, you have to examine different approaches. As a result, you must include the following design features in your website:

  • Dynamic visuals: Esports is a visually-driven industry, and so websites for esports brands often feature bold, high-quality images and videos that showcase the excitement and energy of competitive gaming.
  • Clean and modern layout: Esports websites typically have a clean and modern layout that emphasizes clarity and simplicity, making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need.
  • Player and team profiles: Fans are often passionate about their favorite esports players and teams, so websites for esports brands frequently include detailed player and team profiles, complete with bios, statistics, and other relevant information.
  • Live streaming and match schedules: Any esport platform development should feature live streaming of matches and events, as well as comprehensive schedules that let fans know when and where they can tune in to watch their favorite players and teams in action.
  • Social media integration: Esports is a highly social industry, with fans and players alike frequently using social media platforms to connect and share content. As a result, esports websites often include prominent links to social media accounts and encourage users to share content on their own social media channels.
  • Merchandise store: Many esports brands offer a range of branded merchandise, from team jerseys and hats to gaming peripherals and accessories. Websites for esports brands often feature an online store where fans can purchase these products.

Brief comparison of the most vocal Esports brands’ websites


If you take a look at Fnatic’s history, the first thing you notice is a big amount of passion and emotions that lie within the highest performance of main Fnatic teams in various competitions and tournaments. A group of unknown people, casual players who turned out to be the greatest in their field, knew how to spark the fire in any fan’s soul. This passion and spirit were successfully transferred into the organization’s brand, that not only multiplied the number of fans and followers around the world but became the synonym for success on digital battlefields.

One of the critical elements of Fnatic’s branding is its focus on being “Fearless.” The website’s design is intended to convey the team’s competitive spirit and willingness to take risks and push boundaries in their pursuit of victory. Another aspect of Fnatic’s branding is its emphasis on teamwork and community. This is reflected in the website’s design, which features sections dedicated to each of the organization’s teams, as well as a blog and community forum that allows fans to engage with the team and each other. The website also features a store where fans can purchase team merchandise, strengthening the sense of community and connection with the team. By and large, Fnatic’s branding is focused on being “Fearless” and “Winning Together.” The website design reflects this branding by creating a sense of excitement, energy, and community and showcasing the team’s achievements and dedication to their fans. By creating a strong and engaging online presence, Fnatic has established itself as one of the top esports organizations in the world.

Team Solo Mid

The North American generator of positive emotions in eSports. Yes, Team Solo Mid, from the early stages of its existence, made thousands of fans around the world fall in love with its amazing performance on the Summoner’s Rift. The consistency and passion behind the gaming skills of top TSM players made the Elite team in the North American region as they later managed to grab the majority of attention from European and Asian fans. You could feel the energy behind every spell cast by the TSM players as their professionalism converted many haters into their main fans. This combination of performance and superb emotions became a perfect foundation for building the most famous brand in eSports.

The major element of TSM’s branding is its focus on being “Elite.” This is reflected in their website design, which features a simple yet stylish layout with a sleek black-and-white color scheme that conveys a sense of sophistication and professionalism. The website also features a section dedicated to the team’s achievements, including past tournament wins and current standings, emphasizing their status as a top-tier esports organization. Another component of TSM’s branding is its emphasis on being “Legendary.” This is reflected in the website’s design through bold typography and graphics that create a sense of excitement and energy and showcase the team’s fanbase and community involvement. The website also features a store where fans can purchase team merchandise, further strengthening the connection between the team and its fans.


By making its first steps in the eSports top scene, the first impression of FlyQuest wasn’t perceived well by the majority of fans. Yet again, the demonstration of high skills and unique team play made many non-believers shut up as the team’s performance pushed the recognition of the organization to another level. Moreover, the concept of FlyQuest to combine the eSports success with the eco-friendliness approach gathered a solid army of followers around as now it grows progressively as trees that were planted by the organization.

Critical aspects of FlyQuest’s branding are its focus on sustainability and environmentalism. This is reflected in their website design through the use of green and blue color schemes and imagery that showcases nature and the environment. The website also features sections dedicated to their various environmental initiatives, such as their partnership with One Tree Planted to plant trees for every victory their League of Legends team achieves. Another factor of FlyQuest’s branding is its emphasis on its fans and community involvement. This is incorporated into the website’s design through the use of engaging and interactive features, such as a news section, blog posts, and social media feeds. The website also features a store where fans can purchase team merchandise and a section dedicated to their various community initiatives.


When any eSports fan sees the name CLG, they for sure remember the iconic player – DoubleLift. Although he wasn’t the only one who carried the team through the toughest moments in multiple tournaments, the concept of high skill and incredible performance was inscribed into the CLG organization. From that moment, a big army of fans followed their favorite organization by being inspired by the multiple positive emotions that CLG gifts to this day.

The major component of CLG’s branding is its focus on excellence and competitiveness. This is reflected in their website design through the use of bold and dynamic imagery, as well as a clear and concise layout that highlights their players’ achievements and performance. The website also features sections dedicated to their various teams and their respective rosters and a news section covering their latest results and achievements. An additional aspect of CLG’s branding is its emphasis on its fans and community involvement. This is reflected in the website’s design through the use of interactive and engaging features, such as a social media feed, a forum, and a store where fans can purchase team merchandise. The website also features a section dedicated to its various community initiatives, such as charity events and meet-and-greets with players.

100 Thieves

From a young talented team of gamers to a lifestyle brand in a few years? Easy. That is the story behind the 100 Thieves’ success as they managed to connect the core values of their organization with fans’ expectations. Today, the 100 Thieves are perceived by the majority of followers not only as a strong competitor in multiple tournaments but as a lifestyle brand that connects people in the digital realm.

The 100 Thieves Esports brand has a unique identity that blends elements of streetwear, gaming culture, and traditional sports. The brand was founded by former Call of Duty professional player Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag and has since expanded into multiple esports titles and lifestyle and apparel lines. This unique brand identity is reflected in the design of the 100 Thieves website. The website features a sleek black-and-red color scheme, with a bold and modern typography that gives it a high-end feel. The homepage prominently displays 100 Thieves’ latest news, events, merchandise offerings, and links to their social media channels. The website also features a clean, user-friendly layout, easy-to-navigate menus, and clear calls to action. The 100 Thieves brand is consistently reinforced throughout the website, with references to their apparel and lifestyle lines and their competitive esports teams.

Team Liquid

The old titans of eSports, Team Liquid, began their journey in the early 2000s when gaming was considered a waste of time. Nowadays, this organization includes multiple teams in various eSports disciplines that all have a common goal – to showcase the combination of high skills, professionalism, and passion. The incredible performance in multiple tournaments over the years helped Team Liquid to build the brand around their players as well as generate endless support from worldwide fans.

The Team Liquid esports brand is centered around the idea of being a “player-powered” organization, meaning that they prioritize the needs and desires of their players above all else. This is reflected in their website design, which features a clean, professional look that puts their players and teams front and center. The Team Liquid website uses a blue and white color scheme with a modern and minimalist design that allows for easy navigation and a focus on content. The homepage features a large hero image with rotating images of their players and links to their latest news, events, and merchandise offerings. One notable aspect of the Team Liquid website is the emphasis on content related to their players and teams. The site features detailed bios of their players, as well as statistics, match histories, and other information that fans of the teams can use to follow their progress in various esports competitions. This helps reinforce Team Liquid’s idea as a player-focused organization and creates a sense of community and engagement for fans.

Team Vitality

Since Team Vitality focuses on teamwork in different eSports disciplines, it helped them to achieve serious results in multiple tournaments. The fan base of Team Vitality is gathered around many core values that the organization demonstrates in different digital realms as they succeeded in building one of the most popular eSports brands.

Regarding its website design, Team Vitality has a sleek, modern look with a primarily black and yellow color scheme. The homepage features large, bold images of their players and teams, along with news updates and upcoming events. The navigation is easy to use and directs users to various website sections, such as the team roster, shop, and social media pages. One interesting aspect of Team Vitality’s brand is its use of a bee as a mascot. This ties into their yellow and black color scheme and their focus on community and teamwork. The bee is a symbol of hard work, dedication, and unity, which are all important values for an esports organization. Additionally, the use of the bee ties in well with their French heritage, as bees are often associated with the country.


Only a creative and talented player like Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago could create an organization like G2 Esports. He put maximum effort into transferring his core gaming values into something that brings passion around the world for many fans. Truly, the performance that captivates the world is one of the major reasons why G2 is so successful in many eSports disciplines.

In terms of branding, G2 Esports has a distinct and bold visual identity. The brand’s logo features a stylized “G2” in a bright shade of red, which is a bold and eye-catching color choice. The organization’s branding is built around this logo and red, black, and white color scheme. These colors create a modern and sleek look that fits well with the fast-paced and exciting world of esports. Regarding the organization’s website design, G2 Esports has a clean and modern layout that aligns well with its brand identity. The website prominently features the G2 Esports logo at the top of the page and an easy-to-navigate menu bar that makes it simple for users to find what they’re looking for. The website also features large, high-quality images and videos of their teams and players, showcasing their success and skill in various esports titles.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest and most iconic esports organizations in the world, with a strong brand identity that is instantly recognizable to fans.

The top aspect of the Evil Geniuses brand is a focus on high performance and excellence. This is reflected in the team’s website design through its clean and professional layout, which is designed to convey a sense of quality and attention to detail. Another important aspect of the Evil Geniuses brand is its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology. This is also evident in the team’s website design, which features a range of interactive and multimedia elements such as videos, slideshows, and dynamic graphics.


Dignitas is a professional esports organization that has been competing in various esports titles for over 15 years. Their brand concept revolves around a commitment to competitive excellence, innovation, and community engagement.

The Dignitas website design features a modern and sleek look with a clean layout that is easy to navigate. The website’s color scheme includes black, white, and gold, which aligns with the brand’s aesthetic of sophistication and professionalism. One of the standout design elements on the Dignitas website is their use of large, high-quality images and videos to showcase their teams and events. This helps to create an emotional connection with visitors and emphasizes the organization’s commitment to excellence in esports. Dignitas’ brand concept is further reinforced through its social media presence, which emphasizes community engagement and its commitment to creating a positive and inclusive environment for esports fans.


T1 is a South Korean esports organization with teams competing in various games, such as League of Legends, Valorant, and Dota 2. Their brand is heavily influenced by their Korean national identity and the cultural principles of hard work, discipline, and excellence. That factor impressed many international fans during multiple tournaments, as Korean players always demonstrated deadpan emotions by winning and achieving the biggest events.

The T1 logo features a bold red and black color scheme with the team name in a stylized font, reflecting the team’s aggressive and competitive nature. The logo also incorporates the Korean flag’s Taeguk symbol, further emphasizing the team’s national identity. The team has consistently focused on developing young talent through rigorous training and discipline, which has led to their sustained success over the years. T1’s website design is sleek and modern, with a strong emphasis on visual elements such as videos and images.

Royal Never Give Up (RNG)

Another notable performance was always demonstrated by Chinese eSports teams, especially by RNG. Patience, outstanding accuracy, and teamwork were the critical elements that helped RNG achieve top results in eSports. Considering that – RNG’s brand is rooted in the values and principles of Chinese cultures, such as hard work, perseverance, and respect for tradition.

RNG’s logo features a Chinese dragon, which is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. This symbol is widely used in Chinese culture and is associated with the emperor, who is considered the most powerful figure in traditional Chinese society. By using the dragon in its logo, RNG emphasizes its strength and power as an organization. In addition to its logo, RNG also incorporates elements of traditional Chinese culture into its team uniforms and merchandise. For example, their League of Legends team jersey features a red and gold color scheme, which are traditional Chinese colors associated with good luck and prosperity. The jersey also features a Chinese lion, which is a symbol of bravery and protection. Today, RNG’s brand is a reflection of its Chinese identity and cultural heritage. By incorporating elements of traditional Chinese culture into its branding, RNG is able to connect with Chinese fans and appeal to their sense of national pride.

OG Esports: Shaping Esports against the odds

Founded in 2015 by Johan ‘n0tail’ Sundstein, OG Esports has swiftly emerged as a powerhouse in the world of esports. Renowned for their unmatched achievements in Dota 2, OG’s excellence transcends boundaries as they conquer multiple esports divisions, driven by an unwavering commitment to greatness.

At OG Esports, their mission is clear: to shape the esports landscape and unlock the true potential of individuals through competition and passion. Humility is their foundation, even in the face of victory, leading by example and transforming dreams into reality. Loyalty binds the OG family together, fostering unwavering devotion and forging lifelong bonds that endure beyond virtual battles.

Driven by their deep love for esports, OG Esports brings people together and celebrates the triumphs of this captivating world. They embody goodwill, fostering an inclusive community that cherishes the beauty of esports. Trust forms the bedrock of OG Esports, as they walk alongside one another, placing confidence in their own abilities and in the heroic capacities of their teammates. OG excels in sharing personal stories, truly inspiring others by showcasing players’ journeys to The International (TI) and shedding light on aspects of real life that often remain obscure.

Through slogans such as “We Shape Esports” and “Together We Make the Dream Come True,” OG Esports embodies the spirit of collaboration, harnessing the collective power of their community to redefine the esports experience. These slogans encapsulate their commitment to working together and involving their passionate community in their journey.
With a relentless pursuit of excellence, OG Esports sets the standard within and beyond the game. They continuously push boundaries, redefining what is achievable in esports. Embracing open-mindedness, they reject the confines of the status quo and seize opportunities as risk-takers, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving esports landscape.


In conclusion, having a distinct brand is a crucial factor that indicates an organization’s maturity in the eSports industry. A unique brand identity helps organizations differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a strong fan base. A mature eSports organization understands the importance of brand building and invests in creating a brand that represents its values, culture, and vision. By having a clear and consistent brand message, organizations can attract sponsors, partners, and investors, which is essential for their growth and success in the industry. Therefore, it is crucial for eSports organizations to focus on developing a distinct brand identity that sets them apart and helps them establish a strong presence in the market.

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